Awards Criteria

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Security Industry Woman of the Year

This category is designed to recognise a female security professional who made a significant contribution to the implementation or enhancement of security standards within either their own or a client organisation or a woman working within the security sector who has made a significant contribution to their organisation.

The individual must work within an organisation that is within the security sector OR they must have made a significant contribution to the introduction and promotion of standards within the sector since 1 January 2022. Any person accomplishments prior to this date are not relevant and will not be eligible for entry.

Key tips for your entry

1. Keep information simple

Please keep your sentences short and easy to understand. Not all of the judges are technical experts so please don’t assume they will know acronyms or technical lingo. Simply submit your text in language that is clear, precise and simplistically highlights the merits for its submission.

2. Adhere to time period. We will disqualify any entry that nominates an individual who has not made a direct impact on your business or partner organisation, in relation to security, post 1 January 2022.

3. You do not have to be a customer of Western Business Media or member of the Fire Industry Association to be eligible for entry.

4. Provide detail about the performance of the individual The judges need to know details on how the individual has made a positive impact within an organisation or partner organisation. Please provide verifiable evidence that their contribution has directly resulted in significant improvements to security of persons or premises or championing security standards.

5. Legal proceedings

If the individual or your company has been subject to any prosecution in relation to security laws since 1 January 2022, or has been subject to any enforcement notices, then your entry will automatically be disqualified.

The following entry questions are to be used for the campaign of the year category below:

Nominee Name

Company Website

Nominee Job Title

Nominee Job Description (max 50 words)

In no more than 250 words, please describe how the nominated person effectively manages security or has gone above and beyond in their role to improve or champion improvements to security standards.

In no more than 250 words, please give details of any innovations in business process, standards or implementation of equipment that have been implemented by the person since 1 January 2022 and list the benefits derived from them.

In no more than 250 words, please describe how the person has demonstrated leadership/participation in wider security processes over a sustained period of time.

In no more than 250 words, please outline what sets this individual apart from her peers in the security sector

In no more than 50 words, please write a profile of the individual and why they are deserving of the nomination. This will be used for the judging panel as well as for publicity purposes on the Awards night.

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